The Journal of Anbar University for Law and Political Sciences (AUJLPS) publishes original research papers, review papers, and case reports.  (AUJLPS) is an open access journal, the publication dedicated to bringing together intellectual and professional scholars, research articles providing an original and significant contribution to a field of study within the scope of the journal.  These articles should be of interest to a wide audience, scientifically sound, well written, and concise.  Short communications should report on the work done, not the initial results.

 Reviews aim to provide an overview of an issue of great importance or topicality.  Comments will be invited by the editorial staff.  However, potential authors can suggest topics to the editor-in-chief.  The authors must be experts with numerous publications on the subject, as well as public sectors involved in efforts to understand legal science in the areas of:

Islamic jurisprudence, for example:

 Fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence.

 Methods of deriving jurisprudential rulings and rules.

 Private law, for example:

 civil law.

 Private international law.

 Commercial Law.

 Intellectual property laws.

 Electronic contracting laws.

 Consumer protection laws.

 work rules

 Civil Procedure Law.

 Laws related to judicial regulation (execution law / minors care law / real estate registration law / notaries law)

 Attorney's law.

 common law, for example:

 Public international law..

 Penal Code.

The first criminal trial law.

The Constitutional law.

Administrative Law.

Science of public finance and financial legislation.